Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Selfdefensy stuff:
- Uke right punch
- Tori moves inside sideways and down(not turn)
- Tori right (=cross) open hand to face, (can also be left hand)
- Shift back left (break balance)
- then sneak right leg behind Uke and drop

- Uke right punch
- Tori ichimonji, get off line, go LOW
- Front hand shuto in middle of face
- Cross shuto (no step) or whatever

- Both in shizen
- Uke moves back for strike
- Tori forward to Jumonji (take space)
- Punch
- Tori back (right) into ichimonji, punch up into biceps with left
- Left hand again boshi to atemi, neck whatever
- cross hand to face (other hand behind head if you are luck
. Takedown as above

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