Tuesday, March 13, 2007

- uke grab both sides
- Tori start omotegyaku on uke lapel hand, front side in middle area
- Tori goes for mushadori on other hand

- uke grab both sides
- Tori moves sideways on long arm, shoulder back to stretch arm, arm in front of chest
- Capture elbow/stratch arm/down
- Musodori (lautloses einfangen eines Kriegers)

- Uke straight punch
- "stroke" punch, extend,
- Tori move shoulder/upper arm under uke arm + arm circle around until behind uke
- Tori move around and under arm (can be back to back)

- Uke straight punch
- Tori tilt back, then step right forward(far)/rotating,
- then something.....

5) anti choke
- lift shoulders,
- tilt spine forward (one foot back)


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

No grab, orientation, point at opponent
1) Omote Gyakku
Ichimonji across
Ichimonjy back
fingers should point at uke

2) Ura Gyakku
no grab, ready for shuto

3) Erde technik
Elbow horizontal, Kotoryu "bone tchnique"
dont work against him

4) Erde against roundhouse, dive, touch opposite shoulder

Shizen... drift into philosopyh

Kata = nergiy in motion/emotion