Tuesday, August 08, 2006

- Tori in Shizen (narrow stance)
- Uke right punch
- As punch starts, guidpull with right hand / left foot on toes, roll back on ball -> inside strike
- Uke left punch
- Tori doko almost across (offer target)
- Uke right punch
- Tori left foot across behind / structure, shikanken to throat head
-> into throw

2) Grab
- Uke lapel grab (his) right
- Tori step left (_not_ backwards), koppo ken to bicep of grabbing arm
- swap hands (glide along arm), left hand boshiken to armpit, right hand controls grabbing hand (the thumb must stay up)
- Tori left hand reach through (towards Uk left lapel)
- Throw - downt let Uke arm bend

3) W/ Katana
- Uke Segan
- Uke raises to Dai judan (sp?)
- Tori "throw your hands in the air", bend backwards
- Tori forward/left, hands on top of downard sword storke
- taking right foot backwards helps :)
placeholder for last week (Aug 1st) , if i can remember