Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Uke Straight punch (right)
Evade shift left, perpendicular to punch, make contact (light) with arm
Shift right taking uke arm across, then up, then step past left and takedown
3-dimensional movements - left to right, around/over, then diagonal down

Uke Straight punch (right)
Tori evade outside, right foot exactly 90 degrees reverse turn, "extend" the punch (not(!) downwards)
feet hips, shoulders exactly parallel to punch, as close as possible to chest (left hand optional for training)
left foot forward at precisely 90° to punch, push with left shoulder, ideally upwards

Uke Straight punch (right)
Tori inside, past uke (within range of left punch), feet together! (hobanize)
Hicho, right kick to uke left hip shoot back, set foot down a bit forward
Shitanken to neck, with extra by reverse left yoko aruki, shooting head backwards
if you can catch him, throw

4) Uke Straight punch (right)
Tori 45 degrees inside back, hicho
Left kick to ribs/achselhöhle (kicking foot nice and crosswise, standing foot perpendicular)
Left step/left arm taking attackers arm behind him, past out of punch range
Takedown with crossed arm lcok (name?)

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Osoto Nage, Osote Geri, Osoto Gake

1) Judo position
Left foot + right arm forward, twist to have uke in front
Sneak right foot past
- Nage = throw
- Geri = sweep (?)
- Gake = Hook
-> with right foot

Kosoto = with left (outside foot)

2) Judo position

right to right, left to left,
hip twist + right hand up brings off balance
then step to (tori's) right

3) right punch
tori left step, catch with left arm
right shuto to neck
block foot (right with right), hold shoulder with right hand, hold arm with left hand
Takedown with left reverse yoko aruki kneel, facedown