Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Kihon Happo, Gyakku stuff still from Gyokko Ryu

de rocknroll thing
- Step right back,
- Step across under arm, left arm helps control uke
- Stay as close as possible - actually Tori back to uke chest ichimonji- "point" along arm to stretch-
- Then invert ichimonj (right foot back) to finish

Omote gyakku
- very small step outside / doko
- Catch fistwith right hand
- twist/reverse step into/right side of uke
- ensure elbow goes into uke
- "think" the 2nd hand if necessary

Oh Gyakku "big twist?"
- Suck in / draw straight a head
- arm down (all the way)
- arm up (all the way)
both of previous in in a single plane

Start is almost opposite of the next one, then extreme bending to get into.

Ura Gyakko:
- Suck in / draw straight a head
- Step backwards left, cover hand with right , ready for shto
- Yoko aruki (?) across, keep right elbow in between
- "sneak"/flee until behin uke

Lots of lil hitz

Sunday, May 28, 2006

(damn - 5 days later - forgotten too much already)
Hanbo stuff:

- Standard Ichimonji defense from Kihon Happo
- Note that if pure defence, it works well both inside and out
- Fairly gyokku-ryo like ("straight" backwards - think of the sword evasion distance)

- Actual Kihon happo-> ichimonji inside, break balance of/redirect strike with hanbo, "shuto" (keep that thing in his face)

- Ditto but against ribs, a good test of postion is if Tori can move forward (parallel to original line)

- From "No thought" position, inside and outside, followed by 2nd strike

General feeling: Knife defense type distance

- some tiny 90 to the side thing: Without hanbo slight step forward, with stay or backward, 90degrees, control striking arm with elbow/upper arm

- Uke starts with throwing grab, Tori does ganseki nage: Keep hands cles, push with body

General idea: Do all kinds of techniques just holding the hanbo, see how it emses with you

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Still Gyokko:

a) basically Kihon happo
0) Start facing in Ichimonji (Gyokko-style)
1) Uke right punch, Tori small step 90 degrees, small redirecting counter
2) Tori Shuto

b) as above but
3) Uke punches into shuto
4) if elbow not all over the place, tori can accept/redirect and go into throw or similar

o) Tori stands broad
1) Uke Kick to stomach
2) Tori Hip twist (shoulders stay) outside

d) instead of 3
3) Uke senses kick defense, changes to right punch instead
4) Tori dive/back
5) Tori Metsubushi right
6) Tori right kick to chest or so

e) Uke right left punch
1) Tori first ichimonji
2) Second cross rear leg, Doko (allow punch to slide over rear hand), cover is that you are inside the punch

As above, but use legs only instead
2) cover this time outside the distance, with "classic old skool Sanshin, forward leaning, rear leg far, shuld allow punch left or right, but staying outside Uke distance)

g) Morigoto?-Kata (Mole)
1) Tori Stand broad
2) Uke punch (Tori inhale)
3) Tori right step forward, inside, close (!), low (Mole-Kata)
4) Tori many options "sense": wrist lock on Uke left hand, pull off balance Tori right hand

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Building up a complex kata from building blocks - sweet :)

The Kata - from Gyokko-Ryu - small, mean and twisted:
0) Start facing in Ichimonji (Gyokko-style)

1) Uke right punch, Tori small step 90 degrees, small nasty counterstrike
Result 1: Uke pissed
Result 2: Tori relatively open inviting kick

2) Uke kicks to stomach
Tori does hicho (something-keri) defense

3) Uke grabs lapel to stop himself falling

4) Tori moves back from lapel grab with shuto

5) Tori starts ura-gyakku (?check direction)

6) Uke counters by pushing into Tori/twisting out of gyakku

7) Tori reverses into omote-gyakku (?check direction)

8) Tori kicks to ribs from hicho, finishes Gyakku when stepping down from kick

9) Optional JackHoban shoulder pin
This blog is hereby reincarnated as a training log.
Boo-yah to the buyu.


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