Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Dan Shi (Bullet Hand)
- Uke grab lapel + punch
- Tori cut into wrist and move sidways

Dan Shu (Knife hand?)
- Uke grab sleeve + punch
- Tori contact elbow, close to chest, turn (option: direct accept - only works if you let uke do his thing)
- Uke try to punch, counter
- Shto to neck,
- Boshi to opposite shoulder
- Kick to back
- Gyakku

Gyokko ryu (Tori perpendicular shoulders, fingers point to shoulder = target)
- Uke Punch
- Tori minimal inside, right angle (twist front foot)
- Ura Shuto to neck

- Tori jumonji
- Uke punch
- diagonal knuckle behind elbow (zzap)
- left boshi to ribs
- Metsubushi
- Switch sides

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Gyokko ryu

- Uke Grab left arm
- Tori feel for elbow
- If/when punch use elbow/to chest to break balance
... Uke punches again ->Into Omotegyuakku with options

- Uke Grab left lapel + punch
- "Cut" into the wrist
.... Then what?

- Uke punch
- Ichimonji outside (!) / reverse punch to fist
- "Feel" for hand with rear hand
- 2nd punch comes, omotegyakku - in lots of cool directions (cross or heavily inside)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Kot ryu - beyond nasty, evil

1) From standing grapple: mushadori

2) mushadori with reverse

3) From standing grapple: ganseki nage
- With "breaking open grip from outside/top" + headbut/head-tsubushi :)

4) As above with reverse, chest to chest

5) 1st punch Judan Uke, 2nd punch close block/"let uke walk into fist" - mushadori, boshiken to shoulder (optinal kick to leg), kick to ribs--> defensive kamae

6) 1st punch Judan Uke, 2nd punch jodan uke (?probably shorter) metsubushi, kick

7) 1st punch Judan Uke, 2nd ken-nagashi, frontfoot step + shuto to neck, boshiken/poke into neck both sides (=Kata Maki?) all on one line

8) 1st punch Judan Uke, 2nd end up almost 90 degrees facing, right hook kick to back/hips/knee, walk past right side & take down