Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Ryu Index
Togakure Ryu
Slashdot | Classic MMOG Raised From the Dead by Past Players: "years, we've spent a large portion of our free time on rebuilding Castle Infinity. Months of server woes, countless bug fixes, and an unimaginable amount of stress on each and every member of the team.. and it's all lead up to this. We're up, we're running, and we're ready to dump as much cold water on our server as it takes to keep it from melting. Theres a lot of work to be done, but trust me - we're trying "

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

[16:43] =TC= VK - dja - [www.clubbedout.co.uk]: i just picked up a terratec phase 24 firewire, its mint, has 2 inputs, 2 outputs, loads of connectors, perfect for recording etc, 24bit 192kHz too so spot on quality :)
[16:43] =TC= VK - dja - [www.clubbedout.co.uk]: only £150 :P
[16:43] David: hehe, i was looking a a phase 22
[16:44] =TC= VK - dja - [www.clubbedout.co.uk]: the asio is mint, im getting 4ms latency :P
[16:44] David: delay anywhwere above 8-10 ms is mindbending when you play guitar
[16:44] David: sucks
[16:44] David: what software u use?
[16:44] =TC= VK - dja - [www.clubbedout.co.uk]: yeah i went for ages without having asio, was a bitch
[16:45] =TC= VK - dja - [www.clubbedout.co.uk]: cubase mostly, but reason 3's grabbing my goat big time right now, so good on cpu and really usable at last, it can do almost anything now imo
[16:45] David: cool
[16:45] =TC= VK - dja - [www.clubbedout.co.uk]: i always rewired reason to cubase for redrum
[16:45] David: i never even had cubase
[16:45] =TC= VK - dja - [www.clubbedout.co.uk]: now its worth using for other stuff :)
[16:46] David: need to pick your brain on that one day
[16:46] =TC= VK - dja - [www.clubbedout.co.uk]: sx2 is mint, vst support is what makes it, synths like adventus and superwave are my faves (big trance sounds)
[16:46] =TC= VK - dja - [www.clubbedout.co.uk]: yeah anytime ;)
[16:46] David: i gotta pc in living room hooked up to dolby surrond for exactly that kinda stuff, the software i have is the suxxor

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Slashdot | I am the Most Spammed Person in the World: "Nevertheless, after filtering we both get about the same amount: around ten spams per day in our inboxes. Ballmer says that Microsoft has an entire department dedicated to protecting their mailboxes from spam. At ACME Labs there's just one guy, one server, and a T1 line. And yet my filters are a hundred times as effective as Microsoft's. How do I do it? "

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Monday, June 06, 2005

Vid Kid - Console Controller MAME
Guncon2 PC Driver
World's First Light Gun for any TV including Plasma, LCD, Projection, HDTV and CRT�������� �������� �������� Powered by RGT Realistic Game Technology by eRealGames
How to build your own Linux distribution: "Linux� From Scratch (LFS) and its descendants represent a new way to teach users how the Linux operating systems work. LFS is based on the assumption that compiling a complete operating system piece by piece not only teaches how the operating system works but also allows an independent operator to build systems for speed, footprint, or security. "

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Obscure Store and Reading Room: "Dean Craig, 46, had asked the two drug-using visitors to leave his house when he brought a woman home, but they refused and instead laughed. He asked again and threatened to light "